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                                 A Better Crappie Jig

There are a few subtle features that make these jigs productive, but the key is really the size. These jigs feature 1/4 oz. heads that help to provide great feel and maneuverability in the structure that Crappie love, especially when vertically fishing. When painted these large heads also provide twice the surface area of color provided by smaller jigs, therefore twice the visibility. Combine these with small hooks and you've got a jig like no other, you've got Big Head Jigs.

Big Head Jigs are quality crafted with super sharp Eagle Claw hooks and an epoxy coated paint job for great visibility and durability.

Check out this monster crappie caught in March
on a Big Head Jig

Also check out these many other photos of crappie caught on...Big Head Crappie Jigs

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"Being able to stay in the strike zone is critical to crappie fishing success. These jigs help me stay in the strike zone even on windy days. With the Big Head, you can fish structure without getting hung up as much"..."I love to feel the "THUMP" when a crappie hits this jig" they hit this jig like their mad at it...Ken Riddick (Crappie Action Guide Service)

The Pros Know
So why haven't jig companies made these jigs before if they are so effective? When we first approached two jig companies about trying to make these jigs, they said they couldn't be made. We knew they could be made, because fishing guides have been making these jigs by hand for years. It's one of their best kept secrets. Now you can use what the pros use and once you try them you'll see why Big Head Jigs are the way to go.

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